Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Back to Springsteen For A Moment

I haven't had much time to devote to the concert accounts, so in the meantime here are a couple of good Springsteen links from Steven Rubio's site:

- A video of a great performance of "Twist and Shout" from the 1978 tour.

- A link to Jon Pareles' New York Times review of the recent Madison Square Garden show. Talk about feeling old - I remember reading Pareles as far back as 1979, when he began writing reviews for Rolling Stone and Village Voice.

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Steven said...

Thanks for the links, Jeff. Get back to those Bruce concert tales when you get a chance. Before the 2002 tour, I was looking for stuff to fill up my then-new blog, and got the idea of a "personal Bruce history." Talked about each album and each time I saw him ... timed it so I was done just in time to go see him in San Jose. It helped me put things in context, and it's always there now when I want to think and/or write about Bruce.