Saturday, October 20, 2007

Can Notre Dame Really Be This Bad?

Wow...things really appear to be spiraling out of control in South Bend. Few would claim that this is one of USC's best teams, but they just handed the Irish their worst home loss in many, many years. And that was with the green jerseys.

I don't follow the team that closely, so I can't really offer a theory for how they got so bad, so quickly. I do hope that the statute of limitations on blaming Tyrone Willingham has almost run out - this is Charlie Weis' team now, and it will be interesting to see how hot things get for him before season's end - especially if the Irish lose to either Navy or Duke.

It's too bad, because I honestly think that college football suffers when Notre Dame isn't good. Their game with USC should always be one of the two or three biggest games of the year. Just two short years ago, it was a classic for the ages - but it's painful to watch when it turns out like this.

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