Saturday, October 06, 2007

Let Us All Rejoice In the Shame of USC

When something like this happens, you just have to throw sportsmanship out the window, and talk some sh*t.

Stanford 24, USC 23.

Stanford entered the game 1-3.

With their starting quarterback injured, the Cardinal were led by Tavita Pritchard, starting his first game.

The Cardinal were 41 point underdogs.

The Cardinal lost their first three Pac-10 games, all at home, by a total of 90 points.

Sports Illustrated’s Stewart Mandel:

Stanford just knocked off USC. I'm speechless. I know you've heard this twice already this season, but that is the biggest upset in college football history. The stunner of all stunners. The Cardinal was a 41-point underdog. They were playing with their backup quarterback, on the road, against a team that hadn't lost at home in six years. I need to turn my attention back to the game I'm at ... but wow.

So how should fans of the Trojans react to this game? With deep, deep shame. They should probably stay indoors tomorrow, to save themselves from the fully justified taunts that they will receive. It’s sad, but losing to Stanford at home when you’re favored by 41 points has been proven to take an average of 18 months off of the average human life span.

Hmm…let’s see; what’s left?

Oh yeah. The Booty call? Shut it down. He ain’t that good, folks.

But all that really needs to be said, in the end, is…

Stanford 24, USC 23.

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