Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Postseason Baseball! On...TBS?

I’m not even going to pretend to understand what led Major League Baseball to sign an agreement with TBS to provide coverage of baseball’s postseason. But that’s the hand that we’ve been dealt, so let’s play it with a few comments about the announcing teams we’ve seen so far:

Orsillo/Simpson: Man, these guys are a major buzzkill. Through a quirk of fate on Monday night, I happened to catch only the 13th inning of the Colorado-San Diego game, and I couldn’t believe how dull these guys made it sound. This is POSTSEASON BASEBALL, guys! Not to mention that, but an amazing finish! Let’s show a little enthusiasm! Same thing today – duller than molasses. I read tonight that Orsillo covers Red Sox games. All I can say to Sox fans is, I’m really sorry.

Robinson/Stone: Better. Ted Robinson isn’t a bad guy; covered the Giants for several years, but I doubt he’ll ever graduate to the top tier of announcers (OK, tennis, but he’s not even the best at that). But overall, not bad. At least they showed a discernible pulse.

Stockton/Darling: Dave Stockton! Yahoo! I really like Stockton, and although he’s better known for covering NBA basketball and the NFL, he has a background in baseball – actually was doing the play-by-play on NBC during the most famous game in baseball history (well, one of them), Game 6 of the 1975 World Series, when Carlton Fisk hit his home run in the bottom of the 12th. Ron Darling, just OK.

Overall, for Jon Miller alone, I wish the games had stayed on ESPN.

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