Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Barney Lives - And Is A Kings Fan

I never realized until last night that Barney from The Simpsons is a real, live person.

In real life, his hair is a little darker, and he wears his shirts untucked so you can't see the rolls of fat cascading over his pants.

He owns two foam fingers, and can drink a beer - many beers, in fact - with them on.

He's very sneaky - manages to break all the rules just as the section usher is looking the other way or is otherwise occupied.

When the opposing team shoot free throws, it's not enough for him to block the view of the person sitting right in front of him. Rather, he moves into the aisle, where he can block the view of several people sitting behind him.

The voice? Exactly the same.

How do I know all of this? He was at the Sacramento Kings game last night, sitting two rows in front of me, across from the aisle.

Hope you enjoyed yourself, Barney. And I hope you have the world's worst hangover this morning.

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