Sunday, January 20, 2008


A few random thoughts on New England's 21-12 victory over San Diego:

- Tom Brady was decidedly off form today; even setting the interceptions aside, several of his completions were thrown well behind the target and became completions only as a result of the extraordinary effort of the receivers. But let's not forget, just last week he was 26/28. Plus, a fellow by the name of Joe Montana, to whom Brady is frequently compared, also threw three interceptions in a conference championship game once - the legendary 28-27 49ers victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

- Just too many weapons...too many weapons. Moss taken out of the game? Welker shut down for the most part? Brady a bit off form? OK, we'll put the game in the hands of Laurence Maroney. Definitely the MVP.

- Chargers fans will forever wonder what the game might have been like if a healthy LaDanian Tomlinson was on the field.

- I think Phillip Rivers cemented his hold on the starting QB job for as long as he wants it during this post-season. He wasn't perfect, but he seemed to gain a sense of confidence (cockiness, even) that was lacking up until now.

- I thought at the time that the Chargers should have gone for it on 4th down with 9 minutes to play, and that notion was proven correct. The defense was exhausted, Maroney was gaining steam with each possession, and you need two scores. It would have been a bit of a risk, but one that was worth it.

Under normal circumstances I would have rooted hard for the Chargers, but I find myself caught up in the quest for history, and rooting for the favorites - something I very rarely do.

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