Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Budget Demons?

Based on what he said about education in his State of the State address yesterday, it may be that these are the "budget demons" Governor Schwarzenegger was referring to.

One thing is certain - they're definitely cuter than the demon in "The Exorcist."

(I'd give full credit to the person who came up with this thought, but I don't want to cause him any trouble when he's lobbying over at the Capitol this year.)


Anonymous said...

These are no demons - - they are little monsters that will one day run our country. So, hey, why not cut education's budget, reduce services and start builing an agrarian society all over again!!

Parent said...

Hey...that is my kid in that picture...she is not a demon!!

Jeff said...

Of course not! Not these children specifically, just schoolchildren in general.