Saturday, January 12, 2008

Playoff Fever: Random Notes

- The "goat turns to hero" Ryan Grant story is one for the ages (who'd even heard of the guy in October?), but my main kudos go out to Brett Favre for an incredible performance under playoff pressure - and most importantly, a perfectly controlled performance. When the Packers fell behind 14-0 before the crowd had even settled into their seats, the recipe for disaster was prime for the cooking. But Favre stayed cool, took what the defense was giving him (his use of receivers was giving me flashbacks of Montana to Rice and Taylor, circa 1989), and showed the faith in Grant that allowed him to become the star of the game. It was a Favre performance that I wouldn't have thought possible two years ago; perhaps even a year ago. It's just a feeling, but I see him playing in the Super Bowl again.

- Gotta love the snow. Football in January at Lambeau Field in a blizzard? That's what it's all about.

- 26 for 28? Are you kidding me? Tom Brady seems determined to prove that Joe Montana can be improved upon, and he's getting damn close to proving it. Too many offensive weapons on the Patriots side of the ball made the difference, but with all that they still look less than invincible. But for those of us old enough to remember, so did the 1972 Dolphins. And 35 years later, no one remembers how many close calls they had; all they remember is 17-0. The Patriots are there.

Tomorrow's games? I see Indy prevailing 34-20, and while nothing would please me more than to see Tony Romo's carriage turn back into a pumpkin (not because of him, but because hatred of the Dallas Cowboys runs deep in my family), I seem the 'Boys pulling out a close one, say by 28-24.

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