Sunday, January 13, 2008


My hatred of the Dallas Cowboys knows no bounds. Without question, there is no team in the entire world of sports - professional or collegiate - that I detest more than the Cowboys. It wasn't always that way; I remember rooting very hard for them against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl X. But shortly after that, Tex Schramm started his "America's Team" campaign, and from Landry to Staubach to Pearson to Dorsett, a palpable sense of arrogance and hubris took over the organization. They acted as if they had a divine right to win; that anytime they lost, it was because of a bad call. I swear, ask a 'Boys fan about "Swearingen's Call," and you're in for a treatise of inanity that will go on for as long as you let it.

So needless to say, the sight of a befuddled Wade Phillips, a shell-shocked Jerry Jones, and a Terrell Owens with his big mouth shut is just about the best thing I could have imagined coming out of this divisional playoff weekend. And there is even more reason to rejoice - the Romo "foolin' around with Jessica when he should have been preparin'" controversy is bound to plague the 'Boys through the off-season, their coaching staff is likely to be raided, Terrell Owens is bound to make a fool out of himself and ask for a trade somewhere. Good times.

And a Manning makes the championship round...just not the one we might have expected.

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