Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Deadheads for Obama! It Must Be Super Tuesday

People all over California woke up this morning with a strange feeling; one they haven't felt for decades: knowing that their vote in a Presidential Primary can actually make a difference this time around.

I have to admit, it's pretty damn exciting. And making it even more so is the fact that the predictions are all over the map. No matter who your candidate is, you can find something on the Internet today to cheer you up - "McCain poised to wrap it up;" "Romney Surging;" "Hillary Prepared to Take Commanding Lead;" "Obama-Mania!"

I am usually the first at my precinct to vote (which for the last several elections has afforded me the honor of inspecting the ballot-counting machine), but I decided to wait today, just to beat the traffic on the way to work. And so what do I find when I get here and peruse the Internet newsclips?

It's been a long, strange trip indeed...and it ain't over yet.

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