Sunday, February 03, 2008

Greatest Super Bowl Ever

...and one of the greatest games ever, period.

The New England Patriots didn't lose this game; the New York Giants won it.

- Eli Manning, welcome to the big time.

- David Tyree? Anybody hear of this guy? Well, now he has the greatest catch in Super Bowl history on his resume.

- Peter King - please, please do not mention the '72 Dolphins or Tiki Barber in your column tomorrow.

- And notwithstanding King's previous protestations over Barber's charcacter - I simply do not believe he doesn't wish he could be there tonight.

I may think of more later. Whew. This is the stuff that sports fans live for. Now, on to Super Tuesday.


MC said...

I don't think they would have gotten there if Tiki Barber didn't retire, because I think that was the shock to the system that Coughlin needed to become the coach he is today... it was the catalyst for his transformation into someone those players would play for.

Jeff said...


Hmmm...very interesting theory; you may be right. Something sure happened this year. With about three hours to have thought about it, I think it all goes back to the Dec. 29 game, and Coughlin's decision to go all out that night. Just two weeks before, the Redskins had dominated them at home, and they looked to be finished. But something happened that night, which fueled a run like few we've ever seen in the NFL before.

MC said...

I remembered something I wrote in the comments section of your January 13th post regarding the Chargers vs. the Colts and how you couldn't see the former beating the Patriots, and I then started to discuss what a great storyline a Chargers victory would be against the Pats... and then I said the following.

"Of course, if the Giants beat the Patriots in the Superbowl, well, that would be a great storyline as well."

Did I predict it would happen? No. I just thought the matchup had a lot going for it in terms of narratives.