Friday, February 01, 2008

Dr. Z's Peerless Prognostications

SI.Com has a page up today where all of their football experts predict the outcome of the Super Bowl, accompanied by a "personal guarantee" about the game. By far, the best guarantee is that of Paul Zimmerman, the irascible "Dr. Z":

My personal guarantee for the game: National anthem to be sung in 1 minute 32.24 seconds. Vocalist will hit the turn (rockets red glare) in 28.55 seconds, leading one to believe that this will be the first sub-one minute Natl. Anthem in Super Bowl history, but tragedy will befall singer as she/he heads into Heartbreak Hill (O say does tha-at star spangled ba-a-ner-err ye-et wa-ave), which will be negotiated in a depressing 47.34 seconds, with lusty booing accompanying the last two bars, which will go on for an interminable length.

As long-time readers of his know, the singing of the national anthem is somewhat of an obsession for Dr. Z.

This year, Zimmerman has gone way out on a limb, picking the Giants to win by a score of 24-20. Even though they are playing their best football of the year - peaking at just the right time - and are brimming with confidence, I just can't see it happening. Maybe the record has me starry-eyed, but after all, the Patriots did go 18-0. Sure, some of the games late in the season were close - but every team they played after mid-November got up for those games like Ohio State gets up for Michigan, and it still didn't matter. I think it will be a good, possibly great game, but I'll stick with my prediction of 34-24, Patriots.

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