Friday, April 04, 2008

Great Masters Moments: 2005

Posting has been light this week because it's taken longer than usual for me to mentally recover from my trip to Orlando. You wouldn't think three hours difference would be such a big deal, but for some reason this time a lot of the California contingent was expressing similar complaints. Of course, staying up way late to watch basketball probably didn't help much.

I had hoped to catch up completely on the Bruce shows, but that isn't going to happen, since the Sacramento show is tonight. Bruce has had four days off since the last concert, so maybe tonight will be something special.

But in the meantime, something I never get tired of watching: Tiger Woods' famous chip on the 16th hole, at the 2005 Masters. One of the greatest shots in Masters history. What has already become forgotten to history is that Woods bogied the next two holes to end up in a playoff with Chris DiMarco, which he won. So it could be said, I suppose, that this was the winning shot.

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