Monday, April 07, 2008

Tooting My Own Horn

Brendan Loy, the erstwhile Irish Trojan, is probably one of the more well-known bloggers in the country, courtesy of his coverage of Hurricane Katrina, when he realized several days beforehand that a catastrophe in New Orleans wasn't just possible, but in fact likely. He's also a sports nut, and runs contests on his blog (now titled Irish Trojan in Tennessee; see the "Brendan Loy: link under "Spotlight" to the left) during college bowl season, as well as both the Men's and Women's NCAA basketball pools. Since nothing but pride is involved I always enter, and now stand poised to actually win one of the darn things. Of 91 entrants, I was one of just a handful who predicted a Stanford-Tennessee final in the Women's tournament, and should the Cardinal prevail tomorrow night, I'm the man.

Of course, what makes this ironic is that I'm a Cal alum, and it is Stanford, our arch-rival, that could bring me this triumph. So be it. For the record, I hate Stanford less than I do several other Pac-10 teams, and usually root for them when they're playing someone outside of the conference. Never against Cal, of course. But having seen them play this year, I found it hard to believe they were a #2 seed, and figured it was worth the risk.

UPDATE: Well, Stanford lost, so I came in sixth in the pool. Still, the best I've ever done.

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