Tuesday, May 06, 2008

And You Thought Mariah Carey Night Was Bad?

Some "live" (since you can't really watch it live on the West Coast) notes on "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" night.

First, let me say it - bad idea. Might as well call it "let's set them up for failure" night.

David Cook: "Hungry Like A Wolf," Duran Duran. I like Duran Duran, but will admit that they're not the first band that comes to mind when I think "rock and roll hall of fame." Decent performance; not bad but certainly far from great.

Syesha: "Proud Mary," the Ike and Tina version. Well, you have to give her credit. There's no way she can match Tina, and of course she doesn't. But at least she doesn't embarrass herself.

Jason: "I Shot the Sheriff," Bob Marley & the Wailers. That sound you heard about 15 minutes ago? That was Bob Marley spinning in his grave. Definitely the single worst performance of the Top 12 this year, and it wouldn't be hard to imagine that this was the single worst performance ever in the Top 4.

David A: "Stand by Me," Ben E. King. This was the first song played at my wedding, so it holds a pretty important place in my life, and my standards for it are high. As usual David A. sucked, and as usual the judges (save for Simon) gave him a tongue bath worthy of a newborn kitten. It may all be over but the shouting, but that doesn't mean this kid is any good.

UPDATE #1: David Cook: "Baba O'Riley," The Who. OK, the patented David Cook treatment, but well done. But in the end, it just ain't the same song without the synths.

UPDATE #2: Syesha: "A Change Is Gonna Come," Sam Cooke. Oh right - making the Top 12 of American Idol is certainly a worthy notion to apply to this song, only one of the greatest ever performed. Poor performance. Randy is actually making sense - don't give THIS song the Whitney/Mariah treatment. Syesha is about to cry...Paula wants to give her a hug. Sorry, but it was still a poor performance. Syesha IS crying now, and Simon actually agrees with Paula, which makes me wonder if he sipped out of the wrong cup. Syesha is bawling now...oh, she RESEARCHED the song. It means a lot to her, but that doesn't change the fact - poor performance. Shouldn't have tried. Ryan gets on Randy's case...Oh sh*t, now I'm feeling sorry for RANDY?

UPDATE #3: Jason: "Mr. Tambourine Man," Bob Dylan. Dear God...Dylan? Decent start...whoops, forgot the lyrics! But it sounds OK. Well, he survived Dylan. Certainly could have been worse. Less memorable than Shatner's version, certainly. Randy doesn't like it, Paula doesn't make any sense, and Simon has Jason's bags packed. For cryin' out loud, don't do the guy any favors!

UPDATE #4: David A. does The King. More heavy breathing between notes - is ANYONE listening to what a poor singer this kid really is? Certainly not the judges.

Whew. That was really bad.

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