Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mmmm...Gotta Love That Barn Fresh Flavor

It's been quite a while since I linked to anything by James Lileks, one of the funniest men in the land, but since today's Bleat made me laugh out loud, that seemed excuse enough.

The part which made me laugh out loud, describing his and Gnat's visit to Dairy Queen:

Your hamburger is excellent and your daughter’s hot dog is “as good as Disney,” which is high praise. The store has old photos of bygone Dqs on the wall, including those wretched barn-shaped structures they put up in the sixties. That’s where you went in Fargo, after the classic smaller DQ was closed. It was down the street from the bread bakery, which always made the trip extra special: you got to smell fresh bread and have a cone, or, if you had forgotten the last time you suffered an incandescently painful aneurism, a Mr. Misty. The picture under the barn says “Barn Fresh Style Introduced in the 60s."

Barn fresh. It takes a certain form of tin-eared ignorance to use those words together. It’s like “Stable-flavored.”

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