Sunday, August 03, 2008

Beware the Atheist Lefties!

As a good portion of the blogosphere knows by now, a couple of serious problems made life inconvenient for a lot of bloggers on Friday. There was the Sitemeter problem, which made it impossible for anyone with Sitemeter installed on their site to view their blog on Internet Explorer, and there was the Blogger problem, which resulted in a lot of Blogger blogs being marked as spam, making it impossible for the owner to post.

The responsible parties turned out to be Sitemeter and Blogger, but most of the vitriol seemed to be directed at Internet Explorer. But the most creative accusation I've seen came from a post on Dean's World by Trudy W. Schuett. According to Schuett, the problem was that scourge of humanity, the atheist lefties!

It wouldn’t surprise me if it were a bunch of angry leftist hotheads behind this recent mini-wave of flagging conservative and/or Christian blogs as “spam” on Blogger.

That is the M.O. of feminists and the left in general — do what you can to silence the opposition — and flagging blogs is an easy thing to do.

Unbelievable. I link to Dean Esmay's site, because in my "Thought Melting Pot" section I've tried to compile a broad cross-section of thought from all quadrants of the political spectrum. But this post is a perfect example of why I can barely stand to read most of them any more, and may take that entire section down. The political discourse, particularly in the comments, on the majority of these sites is appalling - there's no real debate or conversations going on, just people who made up their minds a long time ago shouting past each other, in the most offensive way possible.

And Schuett is correct, in so much as the "left in general" is frequently guilty of these tactics. But what's offensive to me is that the right has assumed a high ground to which they're not entitled, because in most cases they're just as bad. And Schuett's post is a perfect example of that.

A pox on all their houses, I say.

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