Sunday, August 24, 2008

Late Third Quarter

All right, now the U.S. is playing the kind of game that is going to win this thing - pound it inside, take the good shots, push the ball, push the ball. 10 point lead with 2:30 to play.

Apropos of nothing, about half the players on Spain's team have their first names on the back of their jersey. Somehow, "Ricky" just doesn't strike fear in one's heart.

U.S. not converting fast breaks, but still leads by 10 with just over a minute to play in the third.

Jeez - now they're letting Pau Gasol look like a strong man.

Big three by Anthony...11 point lead.

Another slip in the paint. For crissakes, get someone out there with a towel.

Layup by Navarro at the buzzer. 91-82 after three.

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