Sunday, August 24, 2008

Let's Close It Out - The Basketball Final Live-Blog!

Fernandez brings Spain back within 8. Collins says U.S. better keep scoring, because they haven't been able to stop Spain.

4:22 - Howard about to shoot free throws. Misses first. Collins: "U.S. must shore up its defense." Collins wonders whether U.S. would be better off if Bosh was in there, to hit the free throws. Howard makes the second.

4:02 - U.S. in the penalty. Pau Gasol at the free throw line. Makes them both. As Breen notes, Gasol looks like a much different player than the one you see in the U.S.

Another miss for U.S. Gasol hits another shot; 5 point game with 3:25.

Zone defense - Bryant hits a MONSTER three and is FOULED! Could that be the kicker? Rudy Fernandez has FOULED OUT! Kobe hits the free throw. 108-99.

Navarro hits the runner - under three minutes to go!

Jimenez hits another three - Spain back within 4!!!

Wade hits a three! 111-104 and we're under two minutes. Incredible game.

Time out. Spain is playing incredible zone defense right now - the U.S. is being saved only by their three point shooting. Gasol looks like a monster! Can't believe this is the same guy who got roughed up in the NBA finals.

U.S. fouls, and is in the penalty. Coach K looks like he's going to have a heart attack any minute now. Spain makes only one free throw, but keeps possession on a loose ball.

BIG rebound from James. Under 90 seconds to play. Bryant throws in the runner!!

Spain misses! U.S. has ball with 58 seconds to play, 8 point lead.

Chants of "USA! USA!" break out.

Chris Paul shooting free throws. Makes the first. Makes the second. 10 point lead.

41.4 to play. Collins: "No threes and no fouls."

U.S. gets the ball in the front court, Paul dribbles some time off, gets fouled, Spain's bench totally loses it and now the U.S. gets four free throws. Technical on Ricky Rubio. Sit down and shaddap, Ricky. You'll look great in silver.

26 seconds to go. Time out. It's all over. Kobe douses Coach K with his water bottle.

Mike Breen: U.S. has always had the best players, but not always the best team.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is it. As Breen says, the team has put the U.S. back on top of the basketball world. Which, with all due respect to the rest of the world, is how it should be.

Final Score: United States 118, Spain 107.

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