Friday, August 29, 2008

Quote of the Day About Palin

Just as Obama needed to pick a candidate to help with gaps in his experience, McCain needed to pick someone who he could credibly point to and say “this person is qualified to become President of the United States if something happens to me.”

Has he done that with the Palin pick, or has he picked someone that, like Dan Quayle, the public will come to perceive as a lightweight ?

We don’t know yet, because essentially what McCain has done is close his eyes, throw the football, and hope that Sarah Palin can run it into the end zone.

- Doug Mataconis, at Donklephant.

I've been telling my kids all year long to pay close attention, because this was going to be the most interesting presidential election in our lifetimes. McCain's pick of Palin just made it more interesting, and for that alone I think it was a great one.

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