Sunday, August 10, 2008

Union Square

Walking towards Union Square, on Geary Street.

Macy's is celebrating a birthday - its 150th.

Did I mention that Macy's was celebrating a birthday?

Oh, it was 8-8-08. There was a Burma Day Celebration taking place in the square.


Alex Porter said...


It's amazing how "urban renewal" has it's effect on the City. Union Square used to be a bit sketchy a few years ago, but now people hang out in the square...after dark! The one picture you took on Geary Street looking toward the Square...right behind you to your right is a bar my buddies and I used to visit alot when we were in town for meetings..."Lefty O'Douls", as far as bars go...nothing special, but for name alone we had to go there on every trip to the City.

Jeff said...

Alex, the key question is: do you know who Lefty O'Doul was? I've also been in the place, under its original ownership (back in the early 1980s), and enjoyed their luncheon buffet. Not for the weak of heart or stomach, that's for sure.