Monday, August 11, 2008


Vesuvio, on Columbus Street at Jack Kerouac Alley, is full of history and great martinis.

And this mural, on the side of the building, contains some of the best advice you'll ever receive.

I've been in this bar, but not on this trip...again, those pesky kids getting in the way. But it is well worth the trip.

The full transcription, in case it is too difficult to read:

When the shadow the of the grasshopper

Falls across the trail of the field mouse
On green and slimey grass as a red sun rises
Above the western horizon silhouetting
A gaunt and tautly muscled Indian warrior
Perched with bow and arrow cocked and aimed
Straight at you it's time for another martini


1 comment:

Tom the Dog said...

I love Vesuvio! Man, I miss that city. My favorite city on Earth.