Monday, September 08, 2008

What Goes Around, Comes Around

With the announcement today by the California Correctional Peace Officers Association that CCPOA is targeting Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for recall, the circle is now complete. The sordid story that began five years ago has become a Mobius strip, doubling back on itself and ending right where it began.

On the one hand, I suppose one could get really deep and talk about what a tragedy this is for the state of California. But it's probably more like a comic tragedy - entertaining in parts, with an ugly, destructive ending. Recalling Schwarzenegger would solve nothing. There was a time when I was naive enough to think that he could come into Sacramento like a knight in shining armor to implement the reforms the state truly needs in order for it to restore its luster, but he quickly showed that he wasn't interested in anything like that. Now, he is just part of a larger problem, joined by 120 of his fellow elected state leaders who work under the dome. There's no end in sight to the crisis before them at the moment, and there's no end in sight to the larger issue of whether California as a state will ever take its head from its nether regions and do something to make things better.

And in the meantime, this will provide ample fodder for the citizens of 49 other states to declare us a laughing stock.

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Mona said...

It's sad, isn't it? But California's legislative problems are indicative of the problem with this nation as a whole - the Us vs Them mentality. Everyone is so entrenched in their own side that there is no room for compromise anywhere. This is a divided nation, a divided state. You're either "with us or against us". And it's only getting worse. How f'ed up is that?