Thursday, October 09, 2008

And Just One More Thing

Well, I've already broken my vow of not reading the political blogs, and after just a few minutes of reading I'm close to Howard Beale territory.

So let me get this straight - conservative bloggers (to be fair, let's say many of them) believe that Mainstream Media is driving this election. Among the phrases I've read today are "as the media goes, so goes the public," and "...our gatekeepers in Big Media..."

In essence, then, aren't those bloggers and pundits saying that people are stupid? That they're just too naive or dumb to make discriminating judgments about what they see on TV or read in the paper? And these are the people who accuse Barack Obama of being elitist?

Sorry, but it's enough to piss off the good humor man.

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Mona said...

Jeff, of course they think people are dumb and can't independently think about what they see or hear. They're counting on it. Why else would they try to convince people that Obama is somehow tied to terrorists? If you think people are smart, you concentrate on real issues. If you think people are stupid, you just throw crap on the wall and hope something sticks.