Friday, October 03, 2008

Let Us All Bow at the Altar of Palin

You have to hand it to Hugh Hewitt. One would have thought that he learned a lesson from his credibility-shredding devotion to Mitt Romney earlier this year, but no - he's making the same mistake, and doubling down in the process, with his slavish embrace of Sarah Palin, even while his fellow conservatives jump ship by the boatful. So I give him credit for loyalty, if nothing else.

On his blog today, in a piece written by Bill Dyer, things actually start to get a little creepy:

Gov. Sarah Palin is electrically fresh. And she is the real deal, an authentic three-dimensional person rather than a blank screen upon which to project our hopes. And the important point confirmed by Thursday night's debate is very simply this: Sarah Palin is nothing less than the instrument through which ordinary, non-mystical Americans may reclaim their national government. (Emphasis appeared in the original).

That's some pretty incredible language. Almost makes me want to touch her, just to see if a slight electric shock would run up my arm and cleanse my brain of all the bad thoughts I've been thinking recently. And she's going to do all that as Vice-President? That's pretty damn impressive.

A lot of hay has been made this long campaign about the "Obamessiah." But hey, go no further, folks - the conservatives now have one of their own. Maybe we should just give them both a light saber and see how things pan out.

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