Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Playoffs

Watching tonight's Boston-Los Angeles game has reminded me why the postseason in baseball is such an excruciating experience. Baseball detractors (and among them are some of my very best friends) argue to this day that the game is boring, but there's nothing boring about the postseason, especially in a game that is close to the late innings. Every pitch brings with it an exquisite pressure, that can be released only in total joy or complete agony. There's no middle ground.

I'm not as familiar with all the players as I was back in the day when I used to try and memorize every page of The Bill James Baseball Abstract, but I still enjoy watching whenever I can and savor the postseason, even if it is relegated to TBS. As a fan of the Giants, the lineup this year is less than appealing, even though I'm happy that Joe Torre is having yet another successful year. For me a World Series between the Dodgers and the Angels would be akin to having a root canal without novocaine, so I'm rooting hard for the Red Sox and will root for the Phillies in the NLCS. But whatever happens, I'll be watching.

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