Thursday, October 23, 2008


Posting has been light lately, but hang in there, because exciting things are on the horizon ("exciting" being a relative term).

- Reviews of Fleet Foxes, Acid Tongue by Jenny Lewis, and Little Honey by Lucinda Williams

- An election night live-blog! Now just try to tell me that doesn't send a shiver down your spine.

- In December, the 2nd annual Musical Advent calendar! I've been listening to way too much Christmas music than a normal, sane person should listen to in the month of October, and let me just say that some major treats are in store.

- A major remodel! That's right, I'm tired with this template, and it will change soon. Again, "soon" being a relative term. It could happen next week, it might not happen until January. All depends on how addicted I become to playing Texas Hold 'Em on Facebook. And along with the remodel will come a revamped set of links - adding new sites, deleting sites that are no longer, and highlighting those which I read most often.

Wow. I'm almost shivering with anticipation...

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