Sunday, October 26, 2008

Season Over

Let's recap for all the non-football fans. Playing about as poorly as a professional team can play, the San Francisco 49ers fired their coach last week, hiring the legendary Mike Singletary to fill the position.

One would have thought that, guided by Singletary, a powerful motivator as player and coach alike, the Niners would have put up an impressive effort today.

It's deep into the fourth quarter, the Niners are at home, and they're getting destroyed by Seattle, one of the worst teams in football this year.

In the NFL, it really doesn't get much worse than that. The 49ers are dangerously close to becoming a laughingstock, if they aren't there already.


Mona said...

But you had to like Singletary telling Vernon Davis to take his crappy attitude and leave. That showed me something.

Jeff said...

Very true. I saw that and was heartened. Hopefully the embarrassment of today's game will motivate them to be competitive for the rest of the season. I want Singletary to succeed, so we shall see.