Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tyrone Willingham

Tyrone Willingham got the axe earlier this week as Head Football Coach at the University of Washington, after an awful 3+ seasons which saw the Huskies slide further down the rankings of Division I-A football schools. Coming on the heels of Willingham becoming the first coach to be fired from Notre Dame in the middle of his five-year contract, this would seem to signal the end of Willingham's tenure as a major football coach.

And that makes me wonder - what in the world happened? When Willingham was at Stanford, the sky seemed the limit - and had you asked most football fans then where Willingham would be today, most probably would have said at the helm of a Super Bowl-contending team in the NFL. No one could have anticipated a fall from grace like the one Willingham has endured in the past 8 years. Was he overrated then? Did he just not have the charisma to pull of the recruiting feats that are required in this modern age to keep the top squads well stocked at the collegiate level?

I certainly have no idea. But it is a mystery.

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