Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Night Live Blog!

Election night live-blogging was really made for the East coast, where you can comment on all the state polls as they're closing. Here I am, just getting home from work, having changed out of my work suit ("professional dress," in the parlance of my Association), having poured myself a drink (starting tonight with Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, planning to work up to something a little more celebratory a little later), and having fired up the computer.

So on CNN, the race currently stands at 199 Obama, 78 McCain. CNN (and apparently, all of the other networks) has just called Ohio for Obama, which means that the night is pretty much over, before it has begun. Absent a sinkhole or a tsunami that takes out the West Coast over the next three hours, the road to a McCain presidency is one that...well, I don't think it exists.

My voting experience this morning was unprecedented. I got to the polls just before 7 a.m., and usually when that happens I am in the "top five" (and have been the first voter on a number of occasions, which comes with the important duty of inspecting the voting machine. Well, today I was #44, which bodes well for a huge turnout.

More to come...time for dinner.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, it's on. Jeff's got the "live" going.