Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Close Encounter With Greatness

In March 2007, the Association that I work for made its annual trip to Washington, D.C. to lobby representatives of the federal government for changes in education policy that we support. During the trip, one of the meetings we had was with Senator Barbara Boxer. We didn't really expect to meet with the Senator herself, but to our surprise, she had asked her staff person to bring our group over to the "President's Room" next to the Senate Chambers for a brief conversation and photo opportunity.

To get from the Senate offices to the Senate chambers, you take a nifty underground train system. On our way back from the chambers to the office building, stepping back from the train doors as they opened, Senator Barack Obama stepped out, less than three feet from me. Did I have the presence of mind to ask for a photo? Did I have the presence of mind to shake his hand?

Of course not. I stood there, frozen, allowing my brush to walk off, into the distance, to a place where I would not likely see him again.

Oh well. It was still pretty cool.

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