Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Random Notes

- The performance of the California Secretary of State's Web site tonight is just shameful. Nice job, Debra Bowen. You now have the distinction of having an election site that is less useful than any previous Secretary's site, going back to 1994. Just pathetic. You owe an apology to the people of California.

- Mike Leary, the most horrendous member of the Elk Grove City Council, is at long last going down to a well-deserved defeat. More than any other single person, Leary personifies the failures of Elk Grove as a city since its 2000 incorporation. The fact that he's getting annihilated makes the loss even sweeter. Unfortunately, Sophia Scherman, who runs second to Leary in the awful City Council member contest, is somehow hanging on to win a third term, proving yet again that the Peter Principle is still in effect. Nice person. Terrible City Council member. Winning with less than 40% of the vote. Shame on Elk Grove.

1 comment:

Mona said...

I have never understood how Sophia keeps getting elected. She brings absolutely nothing to the table.

Great news about Leary, though. It's nice to see the people of EG finally got tired of his arrogance.