Saturday, November 15, 2008

Today is the Season

Today is when we find out for certain whether Cal's season is a "success" or a "disappointment." They're playing Oregon State on the road, a killer place to play in any circumstance (just ask USC) but one that should be particularly difficult today given that the Beavers have clawed their way (do Beavers claw?) back into the Top 25, and control their own destiny (imagine deep, Darth Vader-like voice solemnly intoning that phrase) in the Pac-10.

Last year, the Bears packed it in after a very good effort against USC. Last week, the Bears put up a very good effort against USC. So we'll see today whether more "packing it in" is in their future. Win out, 9-3, Holiday Bowl, good season.

Prediction? I'm going to show faith and go for the upset: Cal 38, Oregon State 28.

UPDATE: Well, that was that. 34-21, Beavers. And now the only thing left is to get the axe back from Stanford. And if the Cardinal beats USC (they're tied at halftime), we may be the underdogs.

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