Sunday, December 21, 2008

All Hail the Pacers!

From the point of view of Sacramento sports fans, the feel-good moment of the year probably occurred last night, with the Grant Pacers' upset victory over Long Beach Poly to claim the state football championship, open division.

Along with the Cordova Lancers back in the 1970s and 1980s, the Pacers are the greatest high school dynasty to come out of the Sacramento area. Their victory over Poly - which has only been the most successful high school program in the country in placing players in the NFL - will finally silence the naysayers who scoffed all week at the choice of Grant to play in the big game. Hopefully this will put Sacramento high school sports on the map, and give the area programs at least some of the respect that they deserve.

Special kudos to Coach Mike Alberghini, whose picture is in the dictionary when you look up "good guy." Great coach, great person, great program.

Way to go Pacers!

(Sacramento Bee photo)

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