Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Rose Bowl Memories - 1976

Lest my UCLA fan readership think that I forgot them, I wanted to add this to my collection of Rose Bowl memories. This was the last great Woody Hayes-coached Ohio State team, which had blown out the Bruins earlier in the season and was heavily favored to do the same on January 1. UCLA hung tough in the first half (the game was tied 3-3), and then made the OSU defense look like swiss cheese in the second half. John Sciarra threw two touchdown passes to Wally Henry, and the scoring was capped with this great Wendell Tyler run. The final score was 23-10, and once again the Buckeyes were sent home to cry in their beer.

Curt Gowdy again handles the play by play (he was starting to lose it by now, insisting throughout the game on pronouncing the UCLA QB's name "Shy-ra"), with Al DeRogatis on color commentary.

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