Friday, January 16, 2009

Deserving Non-Hall of Famers

That's of the Rock and Roll version, not Cooperstown...

Rob O'Connor has a great piece on the artists he selects as the 25 most deserving acts who are currently eligible for, but not a member of, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

My list would definitely include Warren Zevon, but I also agree with most of the choices on O'Connor's list. It's definitely a crime that Roxy Music, X, Randy Newman and Joy Division are not in.

O'Connor's funniest line is in the Roxy Music write-up:

I assume one day Brian Eno will be lobbied in by Bono, who using his influence as head of the United Nations will do right by Eno as he cures world hunger and offers better cellphone reception for all.

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