Saturday, January 10, 2009

Divisional Playoff Predictions

As we head into what the pundits are calling "rematch weekend," I'm feeling that any of the 8 remaining teams has a realistic chance of making it to the Super Bowl. Some less realistic than others, but unlike last week, I wouldn't automatically write anyone off (especially since I was wrong last week when I did that).

- Titans 17, Ravens 14. This is going to be a hard fought slugfest, and if anyone makes it over the 20-point mark, I'll be shocked.

- Panthers 31, Cardinals 21. I just can't believe Arizona can get any further than they already have, for which they deserve a lot of kudos.

- Chargers 20, Steelers 13. My "upset" special. I've got this strange feeling that the stars are aligned for the Chargers, and that Darren Sproles will find just enough holes to send the Steeler fans home crying in their Terrible Towels.

- Giants 24, Eagles 14. How the Giants look is the big question mark of the weekend for me. I'm guessing that they'll look good enough to prevail over an Eagles team that is happy to have gotten this far.

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