Sunday, February 01, 2009

Opening Drive

The Steelers are driving through the Cardinals defense as if it were swiss cheese (there's your first cliche of the day!).

First and goal: nice play by the defense; 4-yard loss. If the Cards can hold them to a field goal here, that will be a moral victory.

Second and goal: Looked like Parker was going to make it, but was stopped just short.

Third and goal: Big Ben, ladies and gentlemen. With a nice assist from his center. Can you do that? Reminds me of the 2005 Notre Dame-USC game.

The challenge flag comes out. If the "pull in" is legal, it looks like a TD to me.

...or maybe not! It will be a close call.

Runner down short of the goal line! 4th and goal...first big decision of the game.

Field goal unit comes on the field! A big win for Arizona. Kick is good; Steelers lead 3-0.

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