Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Super Bowl Live Blog!

We'll see how this goes...

First irrelevant thoughts:

- The new TV looks great! Thank God that it's the NFC's turn to wear their home unis. Otherwise, we'd be looking at black and white, even the game is in color.

- From a distance, that statue of Walter Payton that they're about to hand to Kurt Warner looks a bit like Darth Vader.

- Whoa! Brenda Warner! Can you say...makeover?

- Dang...we've got a bet on the time of the national anthem. Does "America the Beautiful" count? No one cleared this with us, I can tell you that.

- The menu: First quarter taquitos, second quarter pot-stickers, halftime burgers and fries.

UPDATE: Memo to Jennifer Hudson: It's not about you, kid. 2 minutes, 10 seconds. Winning guess: son #2 with 2 minutes on the dot.

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