Sunday, March 08, 2009

Management's Not Happy

"This is serious, Michael. Management's not happy."

"Unless she's got an invisible helicopter, we should be fine."

"That's enough rough-housing, boys." "'s always fun until someone gets hurt!"

And those were just the best lines before the first commercial break.

In its first season, "Burn Notice" was a fun romp, the perfect summer series, featuring a great cast, great action, and fun (if sometimes inplausible) plots. The second season turned up the entire enterprise a notch, adding a level of depth and tension that was only hinted at in Season One.

We watched the season's final four episodes last night (hadn't been watching them live, because of my undying if somewhat mystifying loyalty to ER), and that really was the perfect way to do it, because it allowed us to see the entire "Victor" arc unfold, and watch what began as a comic, evil alter-ego to Michael turn into a tragic figure who would ultimately provide Michael with his greatest moment, to date, in the entire series.

The season finale, directed by Tim Matheson, was absolutely terrific, providing great moments for every one of the show's major characters. It provided satisfaction with an appropriate end for Carla, and tension in the introduction of a new character (John Mahoney, as "Management") who promises to make Michael's life a living hell in Season Three.

Can't wait to see what they come up with next.

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Mona said...

How cool was it when Michael jumped out of that helicopter at the end? What a freaking stud!!