Friday, June 05, 2009

The Comcast Follies

We've got the full Comcast Cable package at our house - phone, TV, Internet, the works. There have been a lot of outages lately, mostly involving the phone, which required a service call in May - and we were assured that no, since the problem was on their end, we would not be charged for the call.

So when the bill arrived Monday, you can imagine the reaction from Debra when the bill reflected a service call charge; but not only that, a nice hefty rate increase. Her subsequent call blistered even my ears, and supposedly all was taken care of.

The next day, the phone went totally out, necessitating a service call to change out the modem. The guy thought that maybe all of the adjustments the dude on the phone had made to our account had blown it out. OK, no problem - he called us on the phone, and it worked.

And then yesterday, Debra was out running errands and tried to call home to tell us something, and got a "this number is out of service" message. Weird, I said - we've got a dial tone on our end.

So what happened?

When the guy on the phone made the changes to our account, he changed our phone number and didn't tell us.

And now, it will take 3 days for them to figure out if it is possible to reassign our old number.

All I can say is that we'd better get free HD out of this!


Mon-sewer Paul Regret said...

morons worthless comcast customer support

I'm just helping out for when people do Google searches for incompetent CSRs.

Customer.Connect.Melissa said...


This is a terrible experience. I apologize for the frustrations we caused. I would like to investigate your matter further and see what our team can do to help. Please email us at We're here whenever you need us.

Kind Regards,
Melissa Mendoza
Comcast Customer Connect
National Customer Operations