Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A New Feature: Dumb NFL Quotes!

I'm inspired by something I just read to begin a new feature - "Dumb NFL Quotes."

From this week's Monday Morning Quarterback column by SI's Peter King:

Saturday, 11 a.m. (Eagles camp) In practice this morning, new cornerback Ellis Hobbs -- acquired for two fifth-round picks from New England on draft day -- deflected a long ball down the left side away from a receiver and exulted, pumping his arms and exciting the crowd. "That's the first time I celebrated with pure emotion in a long time,'' said Hobbs. "In New England, they believe in keeping your emotions down. It zaps the life out of you. I remember standing on the sidelines in my first playoff game, home against Jacksonville, and getting all excited and I'm jumping around, and I feel this touch on my shoulders. I was told, 'Calm down.' I'm thinking, 'Wow, my first playoff game. Let's enjoy it.' But that's not the way it's done there.''

Gosh, it's a real shame those New England players have to keep those emotions down. I bet it's really made their play suffer.

What? Three Super Bowl wins this decade? Undefeated regular season? Team of the 2000s? Oh, never mind.

Mr. Hobbs, I have a feeling there's been quite a lot of emotion coming from New England in recent years. I hope you have a great season, and congratulations - because of your idiotic statement, you become the first ever player to be featured in "Dumb NFL Quotes!"

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