Saturday, September 26, 2009


It's hard to imagine how a game could have been more disastrous for the Cal Bears than today's loss to Oregon. Technically, the game isn't over as I write this; in reality, the game was over by halftime. Cal has done nothing on offense, and the Heisman chances of Jahvid Best have probably ended - along with any chance the Bears had to play in a BCS bowl. Sure, they could still beat USC next week, run the table against the Pac-10, and find themselves in the Rose Bowl. But this wasn't just a loss - this was an annihilation. They're really going to have to look impressive from here on out.

But funny things can happen in a college football season. After Oregon lost to Boise State in its opener and lost its best offensive player to suspension, they were pretty much written off by the whole country. Now, all of a sudden they're back in the thick of things, and USC has to go up there this year.

But damn, I really thought this was the year that Cal would take that next step to national prominence. Apparently not.

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