Saturday, September 26, 2009

Go Eagles!

The mass of teen humanity at last night's game between the Pleasant Grove Eagles and the Laguna Creek Cardinals, won handily by PG 48-7. At any given moment, I estimate that about 25% of the student body is actually watching the game.

The football atmosphere in Elk Grove has completely shifted in the last 4 years. Elk Grove High, a long-time Sacramento area power, may now only be the sixth-best team in the Elk Grove area. But one of the only blemishes on Pleasant Grove's season last year was a non-league loss to Elk Grove, in a game that even Elk Grove fans seemed to agree was marred by some incredibly bad officiating that was remarkably one-sided against PGHS.

If that weren't enough reason to get the Eagles fired up for next week's game, a group of the Thundering Herd student body spent the entire playoff season (which their team didn't make) attending Pleasant Grove's games, and rooting against them. Such behavior must go avenged. It's evident after three weeks that Elk Grove won't be visiting the post-season this year, so I'm hoping that the Eagles run up 60 against them next week. Sure, it's a rivalry game, but I'm hopeful.

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