Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I've Figured Out the MNF Crew

I've put my finger on what I can't stand about the current Monday Night Football announcing crew.


I can understand yelling on an amazing play - like Gus Johnson having kittens when Denver pulled off that miracle win against Cincinnati in Week 1. Or Cal's Joe Starkey with his legendary call of the Stanford band play. But my God, these guys are yelling on every single play!

Contrast what you hear on a typical Monday night with Pat Summerall's call of the 49ers' first touchdown against Chicago in the 1988 NFC Championship Game (you'll have to fast-forward to 7:30 if you're in a hurry). Listen to how calm Summerall is - just a hint of urgency in his voice, and letting the play speak for itself.

Now, imagine what you'd hear if a play like that occurred during a Monday night game.

And I'm pretty sure it's Jon Gruden's fault. Someone needs to tell Jon that he's no longer out on the field, and with that microphone right in front of him, we can hear him just fine. But he's always so loud, Jaworski and Tirico end up having to yell, just to be heard above the din. And I know Tirico can call sports in a normal voice - he does golf, for crying out loud.

So - producers of MNF - consider this a plea to turn down the sound!

Thank you very much.

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