Saturday, November 07, 2009

Something You'd Never Hear on American Golf Coverage

So we're sitting here watching the HSBC World Golf Championships in Shanghai. Watching a golf tournament live, one that's taking place on Sunday morning on the other side of the world, is an interesting experience in and of itself. Watching Tiger play in the final group with Phil is always entertaining.

Tiger is playing quite poorly thus far, and as I've commented elsewhere, watching Tiger when he's not playing well is never a pleasant experience.

As good as some of them are, you'd never hear an announcer on one of the U.S. networks say anything of the sort. But since this tournament is being covered by the European Tour crew on the Golf Channel, it's a whole new ball game.

So you actually hear one of the announcers saying something like (and this isn't an exact quote, but it's close enough), "well, there's that look again, and when you're viewing Tiger when he's playing like this, it's not exactly what you'd call pleasurable for the viewer."

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