Sunday, November 29, 2009

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Mom and Dad treated the entire family to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra show yesterday afternoon at Arco Arena. Even though I'm an unabashed fan of Christmas music (and yes, the annual Musical Advent Calendar will begin in two short days), TSO isn't exactly my cup of tea. But having said that, the show was enjoyable, the production outstanding, and the musicianship impressive.

Most impressive was the devotion of the fans, most of whom were seeing the show for at least their second time.

Dinner afterward at Malabar was outstanding (Dana, you owe me one) - food and service alike.

And so another Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now I sit at the airport, waiting to begin the annual trek to the Annual Conference of the Association I work for. For the next six days, I will call the Marriott Hotel and Marina in San Diego my home. It ain't home, but it sure could be a lot worse!

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