Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Top 25 Albums of the 2000s, #7 - "Black Cadillac," Rosanne Cash

Rosanne Cash’s “Black Cadillac” hit me with a force like few albums before. Even today, more than three years later, it strikes me as a miracle.

Rosanne has always been one of my favorite artists, even before the days when “Seven Year Ache” put her on the map. Back in the days when I was “too cool” to listen to country music and therefore listen much to her father, there was something about her which grabbed me.

“Black Cadillac” is her best album, and reaches a level of artistry that surprised even this long-time listener. But it should have come as no surprise – she has always been a great artist, and I should have expected that the album on which she paid tribute to the three people who meant as much to her as any in her life – her father John, her mother Vivian, and her stepmother June – would have been a spectacular success.

The songs speak for themselves.

“Black Cadillac”

“Radio Operator” and “I Was Watching You”

“Burn Down This Town”

“God Is In The Roses”

“Like A Wave”

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