Thursday, February 04, 2010

Coming Soon To A Blog Near You

For years, it has gotten a bum rap as "the film which robbed Raging Bull of its Best Picture Oscar."

It is likely that I am in a distinct minority when it comes to these two films, but over the next couple of weeks - as we get closer to the Oscars - I'll be writing about "Ordinary People," and why it is one of my all-time favorite movies - one that I'd much rather see, seven days of the week, than "Raging Bull."

I will not damn Scorsese, DeNiro, and their film - it is one that I admire greatly. I seek merely to defend and make an argument for a film that deserves better than to be relegated to the ash can of Oscar history.

Stay tuned...

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D. Prince said...

I look forward to reading about it.

And for the record, I totally agree with you. Ordinary People moved me in a profound way. I too would rather watch it than Raging Bull (and not just because I'm a girl!)