Sunday, February 07, 2010

Drew Brees, Superstar

At this moment, Drew Brees looks to be out-Manning-ing Manning. The speed at which this game is being played is amazing...and Brees looks dead solid perfect.

A Robert Meacham sighting! A great stiff-arm from Meacham.

Ah, here we go...speculation as to whether the Saints will go for two if they score, as it appears they will.

First and goal from the five with less than seven minutes. There aren't a lot of drives left in this game.

Thomas makes it down to the two...will they go play-action and try to hit one of the WRs?

No play action, but no run, and it's Shockey!! Last time he was at a Super Bowl, he was drinking heavily while watching the Giants shock the Patriots and the world. I'll be he's having more fun tonight.

Going for Bush on the field?

No good! And that changes the scope of pools all across the country.

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